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The BootLeggers Bio

  Bin Grimm from the WEST COAST  and GVZ From the Boogie Down Bronx ..are the Bootleggers ..,,

.5% knowledge being Born:  Hip-Hop Music with a charming old school jazzy, Dj soul feel.

It contains 17 atmospheric Jazzy Hip Hop tracks with a melancholic lo-fi feel built upon delicious samples and breaks.


Striaght From the Streets of the Bronx nyc.the groups main producer.GVZ... 

This old dj from 1992 is a skilled artist, profound Beat Digger, practitioner of a mystic Hip Hop Jazzy Voodoo like Beat making  and 12 bit sampler Drum Patterns,


Ghetto Vader is a talented  akai Mpc 2000 Sampler magician;

a Dj /Producer /Rhymer that seems to possibly be yet Better then the rest ,


His illusion of  Jazz and Hip Hop Beats melt and sound like Fine Art an elusive pioneers and enlightened masters of Hip Hop and Jazzy Beats,   teaming up with bin yacub grimm a rhyme master word smith to form the #BootLeggers

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